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by Skip Conover Copyright 2010 Donald L. Conover

Election Day is less than one month away!  It is important for Americans, regardless of political persuasion, to debate the issues and make their *real* opinion known on Election Day.  That is the *only* poll that counts.  That is the truth teller.

During the next month, I intend to express my views here succinctly.  I will not be supporting the party whose failed policies have brought me to the brink of financial ruin, and I trust that many other Americans in similar straights will also recognize the truth.

Most of my friends and relatives know my political leanings.  If you do not want to read my political views, which may be more frequent over the coming month, please feel free to come back after November 2nd.  Your choice will not reflect on our friendship or on my love for my loved ones.  If you read my views, but disagree, please have the courage to say so and join the debate. This is how we decide things as Americans.  It’s The American Way.

In 2004 I made the “faux pas” of saying at a friend’s cocktail party that George W. Bush is the worst President we have ever had in the United States.  It was wrong of me to mention politics or religion at a social engagement.  I will always regret the “faux pas,” but I was not wrong in my judgment, which was proven by the collapse of the global economy caused by his “know nothing” attitude about the brigands on Wall Street.  President Obama is simply trying to bring order back into the chaos.

One brigand-supported party has been totally obstructionist since President Obama took office, refusing to find any middle ground on practically any topic.  In my opinion, they have failed their constituents, especially those of us who have lost our retirement funds because gluttons thought they should pay themselves $100 million annual bonuses, rather than sharing most of that money with their shareholders.  Why they have not been in the middle of massive shareholder derivative class action lawsuits for their personal malfeasance I will never know.  I certainly agree that the constituents of the party supporting such behavior should trade their representatives in for politicians caring for their interests, and not the interests of a few hogs, who are resisting being pulled away from the trough.

If you want to defend that party here, bring it on.  I welcome the debate.  That’s The American Way!

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