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Obama’s Troubling Choices for Libya

President Barack Obama has a difficult problem when it comes to responding to a situation like Libya. This is true regardless of his political party. The President of the United States does not have the luxury of being able to just fly in the Marines to save Libyan civilians, without some sort of approval from the international community at large. Continue reading

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Why Egyptians Should Demand Freedom of Religion in Their Constitution

Freedom of Religion is the first of the Freedoms mentioned in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. We Americans had good reason for putting it there! European colonization of North America was largely driven by religious warfare. It is very likely that a majority of Americans are descended from peoples who were seeking Freedom of Religion. I know my ancestors were. Continue reading

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Constitution for Egypt Revolution 2.0 and Beyond

The 45 words of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are the essence of the strength of the United States. I say this because the rights contained there allow us to build our country by a tempering process analogous to turning iron into steel by pounding the impurities out of the iron.

Whenever any of our thousands of religious, ethnic, national, social, political and many other interest groups comes up with a bad idea, these Freedoms allow the other groups to beat it out of the system by vigorous debate. Whenever a good idea comes from any group, we all adopt it quickly, which often assures that such ideas will be adopted around the world. Continue reading

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Conservatives Increase the US National Debt

Yes, it is true, our National Debt is too large, and needs to be brought under control. But, the next time the Conservatives want you to believe that the National Debt history shows them as the reducers, don’t you believe it! They have consistently added to the National Debt from the time that President Richard M. Nixon was still a respected figure on the world stage. It’s been four decades! Continue reading

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Economics Trumps the Myth of Military Power

What we have seen in Tahrir Square in Cairo, the streets of Tunisia, and throughout the Middle East is populations fed up with being starved by their own leaders. We will see economic opportunity improve in those countries, and the threat of terrorism aimed at the United States gradually fade away, once these economic inequities are rectified. The people don’t need guns to achieve these results. What they need is an understanding of the power of economics. Continue reading

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