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Where Is Wael Ghonim After Mubarak Ouster?

In the course of human events things sometimes get so bad that something must change and everyone knows it.  This is what we are seeing play out across the Arab world today.  The problem is that a common effort of … Continue reading

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What to Do with a Tsunami Coming–Run

The world continues to be ignorant about the power of a tsunami, so it’s time to review once again what a tsunami is.  It is not a wave like you see in the ocean.  You know, we’re talking about those … Continue reading

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Who Suppresses and Oppresses Muslims?

I have to admit that I get a little tired of hearing Muslims say how they are not treated well in the West.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) often emphasizes how unfairly Muslims are treated across the United States, … Continue reading

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Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Prove It’s Time to Build Bandwidth and Monetize

One thing the last few weeks have proven to us is that its time for Internet companies like Twitter, Facebook and the news media to build bandwidth and monetize.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, and … Continue reading

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Counter Protest to Westboro Baptist Church

Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, U.S. Marine Corps, died defending the Constitution of the United States and all Americans. As a retired Marine myself, I am proud of Matthew for his service in which he made the ultimate sacrifice of his … Continue reading

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