Myth and Meaning

See on Scoop.itArchetype in Action – This page describes a way of understanding Myths as interpreted from the work of Joseph Campbell.


There are three concepts that are important in understanding Joseph Campbell’s work with mythology. The first two are from Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst (1875-1961). These are the related concepts of thecollective unconscious and archetypes.


The collective unconscious is the term that Jung used to describe humankind’s inborn predisposition to certain feelings, perceptions, and behaviors. It is not dependent on the experiences of the individual, but is instead something that we inherit, and perhaps share, as a kind of genetic memory. We react to certain instances in the same way that our human and even pre-human ancestors did because we carry the same potentialities for reaction that they did. They are “engraved” on our minds. For example, the newborn relates to the mother, because he or she…(click title for more)

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