The Apocalypse Is Spread Upon the Earth and Men Do Not See It

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But the problem we have today is a new Truth is being revealed and The Apocalypse is upon us. All of us have that secret sinking feeling deep within us that whatever religious tradition we have followed is not the whole story. Yes, fundamentalist Christians and Muslims rave at their less strident fellows and one another, swearing that they have the one true way, but there is not one among them that lacks this secret doubt.

How can one believe in an outward “sky god” when we can see back to the Big Bang, thanks to the Hubble telescope, and we can see down to infinitesimally small particles thanks to the Large Hadron Collider? Yes, recently the scientists at CERN near Geneva have found a new particle, but in all of their research there is no sign of an external God, per se. Where is Heaven? Where is Hell? Our religious leaders, who insist on the ideas of our ancient forebears, simply look more and more out of touch from the Universe in which we actually live.

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