The Gift of Love

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Life energy moves through all living things. A seed sprouts, growing and becoming a tree, blossoming and bearing fruit. As long as the tree is healthy and without disease its life energy will follow a path. This is not a scientific declaration, but a poetic one: energy creates transformations in form.

In human terms, we call this energy ‘libido.’ The potential transformations of our energy are shaped by ‘libidinal’ desire: our instincts animate us, drive us. Our desire moves us to seek an object; in pure form libido moves us to seek out an other, not as object but subject. To sit quietly with oneself is to begin to notice the desire arising within oneself. We are relational beings, often seeking affection, approval, and satisfaction of our emotional desires. Throughout the course of life our libidinal desire may transform, from seeking objects into knowing a subject, and from knowing a subject into knowing the Subject. These are the secrets of Eros: just as life energy transforms a seed into a fruit bearing tree and the fruit offers nourishment to other beings, so too love holds the potential to transform the living soul into spiritual fruitfulness. The soul blossoms into the fruit of a life, an offering to the eternal. This is the gift of love, born of a sacred inner marriage.

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