If They Give You Lined Paper, Write the Other Way

While I have some mixed emotions about the “Anonymous Movement,” one of their points I agree with entirely. That is the thought that, “You can’t kill an idea!” Once an idea comes into the public consciousness, it stays there. It can morph and evolve into something else, and it can take very many tangents from its original purpose, but once conscious, always conscious.

This was a point Dr. Carl Jung made, when he was talking about bringing psychic realities into consciousness. He observed that by the end of the 19th Century, Christianity had relegated Satan to a scary fairy tale, rather than the manifestation of Evil in the world. But after the two world wars produced their bloody results, there could be no denying that Satan visited death and destruction upon mankind, and had very nearly won. What would our lives be like today, if Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Imperial Japan had won World War II?

Source: www.archetypeinaction.com

by Skip Conover

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