Tyranny Is Tyranny Whether It Comes in Red Coats or Blue Pin Stripes

My fellow Americans of the 21st Century are complacent about our liberty. Just as the Anglicans seeped into the Catholic Colony of Maryland, and kept pushing Catholics out, tyranny morphs and finds its way to subjugate humanity. Few Marylanders could tell you whether their ancestors fought on the side of the Revolution or the side of the Crown in the American Revolution. All that has washed away by time. But those loyalists to tyranny who stayed must have changed their tune after 1783, and we wouldn’t know who their descendants are today.

But tyranny we can recognize, and today it comes in grey flannel and blue pin stripes, and is headquartered on Wall Street. There venal investment bankers concoct the most convoluted schemes to separate the rest of us from our life’s savings. Since 2008, they have pulled off the biggest public theft in the history of history.

Source: www.archetypeinaction.com

by Skip Conover

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