The Gift of a Moral Compass

Recently the so-called “Torture Report” has been the topic of the day. There have been many who justify torture of our enemies as if it is a matter of degree. It is not! They say things like, “What’s a little water boarding, when the enemy is beheading people?” A statement like that is a psychological attempt to cast off the guilt that is experienced in the unconscious psyche.

Another favorite is, “It was legal at the time we did it!” Such arguments were rejected by the civilized world at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Rather than allow it to pass, we Americans need to examine ourselves, and see if our own Moral Compass is defective.

If we believe our country’s PR, that it is the “greatest country in the world,” then we need to recognize that there is a moral component to that characterization, which has become somewhat tarnished in recent years.


by Skip Conover

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