Misery Is Relative

A political situation is the manifestation of a parallel psychological problem in millions of individuals.

This problem is largely unconscious (which makes it a particularly dangerous one!).

It consists of a conflict between a conscious (ethical, religious, philosophical, social, political, and psychological) standpoint and an unconscious one which is characterized by the same aspects but represented in a “lower,” i.e.more archaic form.

Instead of “high” Christian ethics, the laws of the herd, suppression of individual responsibility and submission to the tribal chief totalitarian ethics).

Instead of religion, superstitious belief in an ad hoc doctrine or truth; instead of philosophy, a low-grade doctrinary system which “rationalizes” the appetites of the herd; instead of a differentiated social organization, a meaningless chaotic agglomeration of uprooted individuals kept under by sheer force and terror and blindfolded by appropriate lies; instead of a constructive use of political power with the aim of attaining an equilibrium of freely developing forces, a destructive tendency to extend suppression over the whole world through attaining mere superiority of power; instead of psychology, use of psychological means to extinguish the individual spark and to inhibit the development of consciousness and intelligence.

Source: www.archetypeinaction.com

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