Limits of the Warrior Archetype in Achieving Destiny

The opposite of Progressive is not Conservative; it is Regressive. Regression is what happens to an adult, when we want to “suck our thumb” rather than face life. That is what has happened with much of the Republican Right, and it is the destructive tendency that they are introducing into American society at large. It is the very regression that has ended all great empires and dynasties as well. It is regression that causes us to fail to face the World as it really is, rather than the world we imagine.

The rich and powerful become effete and weak in later generations, trying to horde their gains at the expense of others, instead of facing and enhancing the gains of society in advancing human destiny. Conservatives, on the other hand, would tend to husband and preserve the gains made by society in their own best interests, which, while not progressive per se, is also not trying to drag the gains of humanity backward.


by Skip Conover

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