She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry: Lessons

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry gives us a passionate, vibrant summary of the Women’s Movement from 1966 to 1971. The movie brims with the vitality of the late sixties and early seventies. The energy and color of the film makes us long for those halcyon days when our universe was being discovered. All things seemed possible, when rights were being asserted and fought for – not fallen back on to defend.

The film follows the awakenings and re-awakenings of women to the issues which blocked their full participation in the promise of American society. As Baby Boomers came of age, they bridled against social and economic norms. Activist historian Ruth Rosen laments, “We knew nothing about women.” But their eyes were quickly opened to the issues around them. What was referred to as Second Wave Feminism was born, as nineteenth century and early twentieth century women’s struggles primarily to gain the vote came to be known as First Wave Feminism.


by Michael Berkowitz

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