Dev Patel: Running on Empathy

Dev Patel is everywhere. He’s saving science in South Africa in “Chappie.” He’s hatching hotels in India in “Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. On HBO’s Newsroom, he becomes a reporter on the run, holding the key to national security and the television station’s future. It seems like he has never stopped running since his breakout performance in Academy Award winner “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Patel is riding the actor’s big wave – Media Mavericks – the “fifteen minutes of fame” that defines careers. Stretched out over a few two hour films and several hour long t.v. episodes, he seems to have shot to the A list of Hollywood actors. But can he sustain this pace and broaden his body of work? Is he just the bridge between Oscar season and the summer of sequels? Will he still be here when we’re back from vacation serious again in the fall?


by Michael Berkowitz

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