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Hidden deep in the mists of time is a truth we have almost completely forgotten. The words that make up human languages possess real power, especially what James Hillman called “big words.” These kinds of words have inherent substance, being powers unto themselves. Some examples are words like “Being,” “Spirit,” “Justice,” “Truth,” and God.” We once capitalized these words to imbue them with power. Our Western scientific and philosophic traditions have hammered away at the innate power of such words, via nominalism, until now they are merely viewed as labels for things, devoid of any substance of their own whatsoever. It was partly nominalism that resulted in Nietzsche’s declaration of the death of God. By Nietzsche’s day, the word, “God,” had been emptied of all its previous potency in human language.


As with Dr. Jung, "I have no need to believe; I know."  

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