If the Earth Spoke, Would We Listen?

It has often seemed to me that the only way humankind will change in time to avert its headlong course toward environmental destruction will be through the emergence of a new myth. Gary S. Bobroff, a Jungian-oriented psychologist and author of Jung, Crop Circles, and the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine, (link is external) has devoted his life to studying the emergence of just such a history-changing myth: the emergence of the Divine Feminine (1), as it appears to be revealed in the phenomenon of crop circles. Inscribed in fields of grain by what some say are human design and what others say are unknown forces, crop circles are mandala-like spheres of varied patterns and symbols whose appearances have been recorded throughout the world for over four centuries (2).

Source: www.archetypeinaction.com

by Pythia Peay

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