The UnHappy Hero Pt 3: The Heroine Low In Soul’s High Adventure

The story of how soul comes to be in the world is called the soul’s adventure. The soul’s adventure is a metaphor. Here is the crucial thing to remember about metaphors. There is a difference between the use of metaphors as symbols pointing to things which are invisibles in psychic resemblances and the actual experience of the experiences in these resemblances poetic language mimes to satisfy. A poem is a call calling into presence here and now the soul’s code.

The actual psychic experience an individual will have may be likened to the relation a seed has to a plant or an acorn, a tree. The seed is to the plant something not yet developed but by way of its own impulse what the plant is to become. This reality expresses beforehand the relationship between two very real but different existent existences within one world.

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