Aviva Kempner’s “Rosenwald” : An Education!

Julius Rosenwald was a man of conscience who saw a problem which effected the lives of countless oppressed African Americans and took action. Rosenwald (1862 – 1932), JR to his friends and colleagues, was the son of immigrant refugees. He became a peddler, a clothier and founded America’s largest clothing and variety store Sears Roebuck Company.

Even as he became President of Sears Roebuck and one of the nation’s richest men, Rosenwald did not forget his humble origins. Both his family and his wife’s had fled the instability and persecution of Jews in Central Europe. Because of this, Rosenwald felt that Jews had a special role in fighting religious and racial oppression. Two friends helped push JR along this road: Paul Sachs, senior partner in the investment house Goldman Sachs, and influential Jewish Reform Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch.

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by Michael Berkowitz

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