What About the Feminine? How Patriarchal Value Systems Affect Consciousness

None of the countless issues we face on this planet today can be resolved by our current way of thinking and being, based on our established, mainly masculine, value systems. So far as our current state of consciousness is concerned, there can be no paradigm shift without honouring and implementing the feminine principle equally on all levels of society.


This gradual implementation of a patriarchal, masculine (value) system, which is too complex in its many strands to describe in one article, has brought us much by way of material, scientific and cultural riches, but has now reached a point where the destructive outweighs the benefits, where it cannot serve us any longer. Basic attributes of the feminine principle, the life-giving, life-sustaining, the nurturing, the emotional, the intuitive, the inclusive and connective… (Click title for full article)

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