Follow an Intuition, Trust a Dream

Jean Raffa and I spent two days brainstorming and writing a workshop proposal. The night after I left Jeanie’s home, I had this dream:

I look down into the streambed on my land. My small stream is a wide deep river surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Huge elephants splash in the water. Elephants here? On my land? Near the elephants, a large white stone with a black circle at one end protrudes out of the water. An elephant reaches out to touch the stone with its trunk, the way elephants bless people’s heads in India. The stone moves and rises. The black circle is a shining nose. A giant white bear emerges from the river, glistening, dripping with water. The elephants step back and watch the bear in reverence. So do I.

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by Elaine Mansfield

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