Second Lieutenant Robert M. Christian, Jr., USMC: A Very Personal Sacrifice

Most think of a sacrifice in wartime as something heroic on the field of battle. Bob Christian died on the field of battle on April 11, 1969, but his sacrifice for me came months earlier, when we were both in training as Infantry Officers at The Basic School of the United States Marine Corps. Every Marine Ground Officer is an Infantry Officer first, so every newly minted Second Lieutenant attends The Basic School to learn the tools of the warrior’s trade.

No one can say why a man sacrifices his life for another. At the time it didn’t seem that was happening, but in the fullness of time I have come to see it that way. As a result of his sacrifice, we have three daughters and seven grandchildren. From my way of thinking, all of us, and all of our progeny forever after, owe our lives to 2nd Lieutenant Robert M. Christian, Jr., USMC.

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Today is the 47th Anniversary of Bob’s Death.  Semper Fidelis!

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