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Myth of Job Creation by Lower Taxes

Republican dogma is that lower taxes create jobs.  Wrong!  Job creation statistics do not support their claim. Job creation under George W. Bush’s administration, when Republican tax cuts were pushed heavily, created only 1.1 million new jobs.  His dismal net … Continue reading

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The American Way

Election Day is less than one month away! It is important for Americans, regardless of political persuasion, to debate the issues and make their *real* opinion known on Election Day. That is the *only* poll that counts. That is the truth teller.
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America’s Right-Wing Fringe (Tea Party and Far Right Wing): Part 1

It is silly season in American politics, so we have to hear endless harangues by America’s right-wingers about their unsupportable claims about practically everything. This is because our networks feel somehow compelled to give them equal time to speak, even though they don’t speak for all that many Americans. Continue reading

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