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America’s Right-Wing Fringe (Tea Party and Far Right Wing): Part 1

It is silly season in American politics, so we have to hear endless harangues by America’s right-wingers about their unsupportable claims about practically everything. This is because our networks feel somehow compelled to give them equal time to speak, even though they don’t speak for all that many Americans. Continue reading

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"Ten Reasons to Burn …" Analyzed (In My Opinion)

The Rev.? Terry Jones needs money! This can be the only reason why he would stir up this controversy about burning the Koran. There will be enough Americans who believe such crazies to get him over his cash crunch. But that does not mean that he represents anything like a majority of American, Christian, or Western thought. CNN, MSNBC and other inflamers need money too! That’s why they let this crackpot stir things up instead of ignoring him. Continue reading

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