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The Balkanization of the Republican Party

The “sick man” of American politics, the Republican Party, has finally begun to show us just how messed up it really is.  Here’s my assessment of where they are in the 2012 election campaign, with separate observations for each branch of … Continue reading

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Dear Clara (@ Women's Rights in Islam and the West)

I certainly sympathize with your point about not being subjugated. My point in part is that subjugation and abuse of women is a worldwide problem and phenomenon. Many US divorces are brought on by this. In my opinion, Muslim women also do not want to be subjugated, and they are now seeing that women outside the Muslim World are standing up for their rights. This information dissemination cannot be stopped. As this process happens, Muslim women will naturally stand up for their own rights, and the nature of Islam itself will change. But this will take much courage and a very long time. Continue reading

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