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Why Are the Islamic Movements so Deluded?

It is time for the Islamic movements to recognise the real world, and come out of their fantasy about being victorious and stupid conspiracy theories that are product of elderly Arab men gossiping in coffee houses. Warfare has changed considerably; a Woody Allen type of character can easily eliminate a brigade of fierce Mujahideen from the cockpit of a F16. The battles are not determined by the bravery of soldiers, but by possessing the means to fight a state with immense firepower. Since in practical terms, only a state can fight another state that brings to the subject of the return of the Islamic State (Caliphate). Unfortunately, this word seems to have intoxicated those who advocate the Caliphate, their thought process is simplistic – once the Caliphate returns, it will unify the Muslim nations and displace the US leadership. Of all the people, one would expect Islamic activists to be sober, and take heed from history. Continue reading

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